A Workshop

Paul Wakelam   RAIA

Architect  +  Director

 ABTAS NO. 1030                       ABWA NO. 3034                           BSPL NO. CC7578                         AIA TAS COUNCIL MEMBER


                          A Workshop is a small, multi-disciplinary practice established by Paul Wakelam. The workshop covers management, sculpture, landscape design, graphic design, set/installation/design and performance, and strategic thinking. The practice operates from a studio in Launcestion, Tasmania and Toodyay in West Australia. Project management and implementation take place in parallel with model making, prototyping and experimentation with ideas, materials and manufacturing processes within studio and on site.


Felicity Bott

Artistic Director/Tutor_1998 – Present.

                                                                                             Photo: Gibson Nolte

                                                                                            Photo: Gibson Nolte

Annuar Azahari

Architectural Intern/Tutor/Graduate_2011 – 2013.

David Sharp

Architectural Intern/Tutor/Graduate_2011 – 2014.

Peter Tibbitt

Architectural             Intern/Tutor/Undergraduate 2012 – 2016.

Ashley Stucken

Architectural Intern/Tutor/Graduate_2012 – 2014. 

Julie Fatovich

Architectural     Intern/Research_2013. 

Soo-Bhin Han

Architectural Intern/Tutor/Graduate_2014 - Present.

Gordon Pekeur


Intern/Undergraduate_2014 – 2015.

Christine Khor



Angus Mcbride

Architectural             Intern/Graduate_2014 – Present

Annie Paxton

Architectural               Intern_2015 – Present

Ludovic Vilbert

Architectural               Graduate_2018 – Present


 Paul Wakelam               Photo:Tony Bonney

Paul Wakelam               Photo:Tony Bonney